Ice Ice Booby

May 18, 2019




Every new mother will meet the struggle of painful boobs and soreness ‘downstairs’ after birth and even in pregnancy as hormones, and then milk production cause breasts to become very firm and/ or blocked. This is where Ice Ice Booby comes in. The experts at Ice Ice Booby have created a miracle product for new mums that will provide relief after birth and during breastfeeding. The breast and perineal pack include two flower-shaped breast pads composed of water, glycerine, and SAP for comfort and wearability when placed in your bra. The pads can either be heated up for warming and releasing milk when breastfeeding or pumping or frozen to prevent clogged ducts and avoid mastitis while providing relief. The pack also includes a perineal strip composed of the same ingredients that provide comfort to the perineal area after birth, which trust me, you will NEED.

Personally, for me, through pregnancy, my breasts ache and sting as milk is being deposited into the breasts. Both heat and freezing options have given me much relief.


Here are some key factors that make Ice Ice booby a great product

  • Versatile, many uses

  • Relief from pain after birth and during pregnancy

  • Created by a midwife, and is FDA, CE and MSDS approved

  • Pretty, so you don’t have to feel weird if it shows through your bra.

You can get your hands on your very own pack at the Ice Ice Booby website, here-




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