Loving Earth Chocolate

June 12, 2019

I wasn’t on the lookout for alternatives to chocolate when I came across Loving earth, yet I was pleasantly surprised when I did. Normal chocolate is amazing, but finding a large range of flavours is hard. Especially when it comes to unique flavours such as Maple Crunch and Lemon Cheesecake!
It’s hard to find a balance when eating chocolate or junk foods as the temptation to pig out is strong, but with Loving earth chocolates, there is no need to feel guilty! With such natural ingredients, low to no sugar, and their adorable qualities as a business, you can feel guilt-free when reaching for that snack.


When digging into my stash, I couldn't help but notice the similarity inconsistency with Lindt chocolate; Especially in a few of their flavours such as Lemon Cheesecake and Mylk. They also have a great variety of dark chocolates, both plain and flavoured, with the main ingredient of all of their delectable treats being variations of Cocoa, as well as a variety of nuts (mainly cashews). Upon trying a myriad of flavours, I settled on a few favourites which I am going to share with you now so that you too can partake in the deliciousness that is Loving Earth chocolate.

  • Nutty Mr. Maple: This baby comes in a snack-size box and contains the savory taste of dark chocolate combined with the sweet ingredients of salted almonds, sweet and crunchy maple bits and truffle. This combination is a pleasant surprise to the tastebuds and kept me going back for more.

  • Turkishly Delightful Chocolate: Another snack-sized package, contains a delightful fresh rose water taste combined with chewy cranberries and creamy chocolate. I love that Loving earth uses essential oils to flavour rather than physical ingredients, making them more efficient, healthy and less to digest.

To top off these nutritious snacks, their packaging is biodegradable and earth-friendly, making them a good candidate for bettering our planet​.


while filling our bellies. Loving Earth has a wide range of products outside of chocolates, which you can find here - https://lovingearth.net/




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