Redwin 'Hemp' Skincare Range: Review

September 30, 2019


Redwin’s new Hemp product range is one to stock your beauty cupboards with. Their three moisture-rich necessities will have your body, face, and lips are taken care of. 

Each product is enriched with 100% Pure hemp oil and is extremely hydrating for the skin, yet light and versatile. Each product can be used all over the body, yet I find a specific purpose for each one, as will you when you try them out for yourself. 


First I start with the ‘Hemp Body Oil’, which I apply after a shower. I disperse this on my legs, hips (where I have stretch marks), and use the leftover to pat on my face (some people may cringe at this, yet a natural oil for the face actually does wonders in hydrating your skin, especially a light oil like this one). Body oils are so versatile, in the way that you can use them in winter for very dry skin, or in summer for a shimmer, to sun-bake or to heal the skin after tanning or getting a sunburn. Next, I go in with the ‘Hemp Body Moisturiser’ which is a very light cream, so perfect for the face and body, which is exactly what I use it for. While light, a little goes a long way, so use sparingly (this goes for all of these products). 

Lastly, I apply the ‘Hemp Balm’ to my lips for intense hydration. I do this throughout the day and love the way it makes my lips feel. You could compare this to a pawpaw balm in the uses and consistency. While I love this product for my lips, you can also use it for dry spots such as elbows, heels, ankles or cuticles.  


Hemp oil is a natural product that has a lot of health benefits despite the stigma around it. Some of the benefits that it can have, include a great natural moisturizer, anti-aging benefits, essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, great for eczema and acne, it’s an anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol for a healthy heart. So whether you are on the Hemp train already or are curious about trying hemp products, Redwin's products are a good place to start.


You can check out the Redwin range at Coles, Woolworths or online at


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